Show stopper

We have sought for over 2 years to meet our requirements for a male and when he was finally born, we knew he was not one to give up. He checks off every single quality we ever dreamed of in our male including health, first and foremost, and all the flaming physical traits that are so desired in the perfect boxy frenchie.

Simba is very athletic and loves the lake. His temperament is pure delight. He knows how to make an ordinary moment magical. Trust us when we say, you want a baby butterball like him!

Below we share some baby photos of Simba and a video of his spunky, little self.

We are stoked to introduce our One and Only blue silver stud, Simba Butterball! He is absolute fire and there is no other way to describe him! He sires most of our girls whose lineage does not cross with his. He is breathtaking and was produced right here at the Lavish Castle. 


LOVES baby feet


silly frog dog


King of treats


Fun facts

"Far more precious than jewels"