Hello, my name is Alina and together with my beautiful family we are living in the moment and soaking in the unconditional love our frenchies bring us that fills our whole life. If you own one of our frenchies, you have likely met my husband, as he is the face behind the deliveries of our precious babies. A Lavish frenchie is never shipped cargo and is always hand delivered straight into your arms with love. Our puppies fly in cabin with my husband for a stress free experience. 

We live in the Evergreen state of Northern Washington. We have owned frenchies our entire life and have been breeding a couple years short of a decade. We are not a kennel, nor facility. We are small in home breeders where our frenchies are the center of our home and are raised under our roof. They are never caged and are free to roam our home like our human family. They are lovingly raised in a cozy corner of our living room where they get a fulfilling amount of love and attention from our entire family. Our children will never get enough of their slurpy kisses and bubbly personalities. Head over to our Instagram page (                       ) to see more interaction of our canine and human babies.

An immense amount of knowledge, years of study, experience, endless sleepless nights, and a patient heart full of love goes into raising a happy, healthy litter. No corners are cut and it is our ambition to produce a phenomenal frenchie with the desired body structure, movement, and temperament who will be your best friend for many years to come. 

We are driven by quality and excellence of this breed, not price. Our puppies are not for everyone, but that handful of families who own a Lavish frenchie will choose us over and over again. We often times have repeat buyers and could not be more humbled and thankful for the reputation we hold. 

The quality and health of our bullies is out of this world. That is why our puppies are in such huge demand and get reserved well before they are even born. Their wrinkly plush fur and strikingly beautiful faces classify them in the show stopping game.


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We have hand delivered our puppies to these states ...

New Jersey 
New York 


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Our mission through this blessed journey is to unite all people with Christ. 10% of all gains are donated to children with medical conditions, foster homes, widows, struggling families and those who are in need of a helping hand.

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." Galatians 6:9

the lavish mission